2018-05-25 DOWNLOAD


Q1. When I get the Brave Ant life time free box, it show "Service not authorized, please contact your dealer..."  or "You service time is finished, please contact your dealer...", what should I do?

A1:  Please kindly take a picture for this message and another picture for the bottom of the device, send together to braveants@hotmail.com. We will fix it as soon as we get the email.

Q2: When I click live TV, it keep loading and then shows "Connection timeout".

A2: It may be your Internet problem. 
1. Please go to Extra> SettingMbox> network and check whether the WIFI or Ethernet is connected.
2. If the problem still there after step 1, then please pull off the power of your router, after 1 min, connect again.

Q3: The channels only with picture no sound, can you help me?

A3: Please go to Extra> SettingMbox> Advance and check whether the digital Audio output is PCM. If it is not, please change to PCM, then the sound will back.

Q4:Shall I know more details about shipping?
Q4: Normally we will send out the package in 3 working days,and it will arrive customer address around 2 weeks,tracking number will be sent to customer once we have it.any question about shipping,please feel free to let me know,we will help immediately

Q5:If I don't like,how can i return the box and get the money back?
A5:Please contact us in 5 days and we will give you the receiving address,once you send it back in a week and send us a photo,we will arrange the money back to your account.

We will keep updating the FAQ. If you have any problems which is not list here, please kindly contact us.