2017-11-30 DOWNLOAD


Q1. When I get the Brave Ant life time free box, it show "Service not authorized, please contact your dealer..."  or "You service time is finished, please contact your dealer...", what should I do?

A1:  Please kindly take a picture for this message and another picture for the bottom of the device, send together to braveants@hotmail.com. We will fix it as soon as we get the email.

Q2: When I click live TV, it keep loading and then shows "Connection timeout".

A2: It may be your Internet problem. 
1. Please go to Extra> SettingMbox> network and check whether the WIFI or Ethernet is connected.
2. If the problem still there after step 1, then please pull off the power of your router, after 1 min, connect again.

Q3: The channels only with picture no sound, can you help me?

A3: Please go to Extra> SettingMbox> Advance and check whether the digital Audio output is PCM. If it is not, please change to PCM, then the sound will back.

We will keep updating the FAQ. If you have any problems which is not list here, please kindly contact us.